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I've stepped over lines you've drawn again & again [userpic]
by I've stepped over lines you've drawn again & again (honestground)
at March 22nd, 2008 (08:58 pm)

today- day 22 of weight watchers

points available: 22

-whole wheat toast (1 point)
-1 tbs peanut butter (2 points)
-medium banana (2 points)

-luna bar (4 points)

-1 cup grapes (1 point)
-string cheese (1 point)
-medium apple (1 point)

-baked chicken w/ seasonings (3 points)
-1/2 cup mushrooms w/ margarine (2 points)
-1/2 cup broccoli (0 points)

-WW ice cream bar (2 points)
-hot chocolate (.5 points)
-1 clementine (.5 points)
-yogurt (2 points)

total: 22/22

water: 70 ounces +
green tea: 1 cup (0 points)
vitamins: taken

fruits/veg: 5/5 (banana, grapes, apple, mushrooms, broccoli)
milk/dairy: 2/2 (string cheese, yogurt)
good fats/oils: 1/1 (peanut butter)

this weeks weigh-in was better than lasts, thankfully, so I'm pretty happy with that! tomorrow will be a tough day with Easter dinner. I either will have to eat sparingly outside of dinner OR dip into my flex for the first time. we'll see :)