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I've stepped over lines you've drawn again & again [userpic]
by I've stepped over lines you've drawn again & again (honestground)
at March 21st, 2008 (08:31 pm)

today- day 21 of weight watchers (wow, 3 weeks FLEW by!!)

points available: 22

-oatmeal (2 points)
-1 tbs sugar (1 point)

-medium banana (2 points)
-low carb tortilla with string cheese and salsa- part of it (1.5 points)
-pear (1 point)

-luna bar

-apple (1 point)
-1 tbs peanut butter (2 points)
-mini rice cakes (1 point)

-small thin steak (4 points)
-asparagus (0 points)

-hot chocolate (.5 points)
-yogurt (2 points)
-carrots (0 points)

total: 22/22

water: 70 ounces
green tea: 2 cups (0 points)
vitamins: taken

fruits/vegetables: 5/5 (banana, pear, apple, asparagus, carrots)
milk/dairy: 2/2 (string cheese, yogurt)
good oils/fat: 1/1 (peanut butter)

my new 2 point yogurt tastes a lot better than the 1 point varieties but still not as tasty as the 4 point ones haha. I'll stick with it, though, 2 points for a dairy is good enough. tomorrow is my 3rd weigh-in!! I hope the scale is nice to me this week :) the low carb tortillas were gross. so far a lot of the things I've tried for WW have been gross: 1 point yogurt, banana muffins (homemade), low carb tortillas, the whole wheat pizza, etc. a lot of wasted $ :(