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I've stepped over lines you've drawn again & again [userpic]
by I've stepped over lines you've drawn again & again (honestground)
at March 19th, 2008 (09:37 pm)

today- day 19 of weight watchers

points available: 22

-1/2 cup shredded wheat (1.5 points)
-1/2 cup milk (1.5 points)
-1/2 tbs sugar (.5 points)

-2 clementines (1 point)
-string cheese (1 point)

-luna bar (4 points)

-medium banana (2 points)

-homemade pizza: whole wheat crust, lite cheese 1/4th a cup, some turkey pepperoni (8 points for 2 slices)

-hot chocolate (.5 points)
-medium apple (1 point)

total points: 21/22

water: 70 ounces
green tea: 0 cups
vitamins: taken

fruits/veg: 3/5 (clementines, banana, apple)
milk/dairy: 2/2 (string cheese, and the cheese I used for the pizza)
good oils/fat: 0/1

I planned to use my last point on a fruit and have 0pt veggies as a snack but it got too late so I didn't get my requirements in today. the pizza was a bust but I have a lot of leftovers so I might have to eat it again tomorrow. I went shopping today so the rest of my week should be better I hope :) got fruit, veggies, some new granola bars to try, some new yogurt to try, green tea, etc so I should be set!