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I've stepped over lines you've drawn again & again [userpic]
by I've stepped over lines you've drawn again & again (honestground)
at March 18th, 2008 (03:00 pm)

yesterday- day 17 of weight watchers

points available: 22

-slimfast shake (4 points)

-1 tbs peanut butter (2 points)
-1 medium apple (1 point)
-venti iced passion tea, unsweetened (0 points)

-oatmeal (2 points)
-1/2 tbs sugar (.5 points)

-string cheese (1 point)
-2 clementines (1 point)

-luna bar (4 points)

-luna bar (4 points)
-grapes 1 cup (1 point)
-2 clementines (1 point)

water: 70+ ounces
vitamins: skipped
green tea: out of it still

points: 21.5/22

fruits/veg: 4/5 (clementines x2, apple, grapes)
dairy: 1/2 (string cheese)
good fats: 1/1 (peanut butter)

yesterday was a problem! I was on the go a lot and wasn't home to cook so I resorted to shakes and bars. I went out for st. patricks day and managed to avoid a lot of food by packing a luna bar, grapes, and clementines. brought my own water, too. it was the best I could do. I also really needed to grocery shop yesterday. I picked up a few things today and will get vegetables and such tomorrow which will help a lot :)